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Welcome to the 2002-2003 edition of TigerRag, the official online journal of The Santa Ana Winds.

This edition is just starting, so get your articles ready.

If you have anything to say, email SAW and please state in the title that your letter is for TigerRag. The nice thing about an online journal is it can continually be updated.

No profanity.
No mention of rivalries (school or otherwise).
Nothing to disgrace other Winds members.

As editor, I have final say over what is published. By no means does this replace the Guestbook, which is for small comments and hellos to Mr. Ward. TigerRag is meant to satisfy the informational needs of Winds members and increase the strong unity among the group.


Last Edition

by Robyn Guest - Trombone

I'm afraid this may be the last edition of the TigerRag Newsletter. I'm aging out (ugh!!!) so I won't be as active anymore. With things like college and work, it seems real life is getting in the way of fun life.

I would very much like to see this newsletter continue, either quarterly as I meant it, or annually, a wrapup of the season. If you're adventurous enough, email me and we will put you as a regular submitter to the TigerRag WebTeam. I can design the code easily enough, it's the writing of articles that's time consuming.

So please consider submitting articles or gathering writings from members. Support the band. Let people years from now know what YOU experienced as a proud member of the Santa Ana Winds!

First Daughter

The Winds had a wonderful opportunity to be in the movies again. We went to UCLA to be the Redmond Knights, a fictional college band in the upcoming movie First Daughter.

Our role was to be the university pep band playing at a football rally, where the main characters apparently have some conflict. The UCLA band was there on a previous day to provide for the long shots, but they chose the Santa Ana Winds for close-ups! What an honor!

It was a fun challenge, learning a song with no music (the UCLA drum major - his name escapes me - was an amazing instructor) and learning a small dance maneuver and fight song chant:

"Go Redmond, Go Redmond, Go Redmond... KNIGHTS!"

Oh yeah, we had a challenge on that one!

Memorable moment: watching Forest Whitaker driving all around the campus on his scooter!


Hollywood Christmas Parade

by Robyn Guest - Trombone

The darkness of night shrouds the nervous musicians. A final breath of warm air is sent through the horns. Flags get a last spin. Smiles break out from the banners.

Suddenly, lights from the top of buildings burst onto the band. The night turns into noon brightness. The cheers of thousands of spectators mix with the Christmas jingles. The cameras zoom in from all directions. At home, millions worldwide sit in front of the television, watching and singing along to the tunes and are dazzled by the talent of these young people.

The Santa Ana Winds likes to open our season with a bang... literally. With our confetti-shooting canons and Parade of Carols exciting the crowd, the Hollywood Christmas Parade has become a continuous tradition for the Winds over the past 28 years.

For the Winds, this is definitely "the most wonderful time of the year," with the band's membership soaring and the spirits of the regular members flying like the wings of an angel. The weeks between the first Monday in October to that awaited November night are an intense period of recruiting, training, memorizing, and bonding.

Unfortunately, after the glitter of the Hollywood lights fade, many of the newly recruited members, whom we've grown to lighthearted call "Hollywood extras," disappear like a snowflake, only to be seen one year later. Some of these talented musicians and flag spinners travel 150 miles one-way to practices in Santa Ana, so permanent membership would be a difficult strain. However, many Hollywood extras stay with us through the Christmas season, and our new year starts off with a group of fresh faces to keep the Santa Ana Winds continually growing strong.

Will you be one of the spectators?
Or will you be part of the show?

Join the Winds today!!!

College of the Season

To help high school students choose a wise educational plan, we're continuing the tradition of the original TigerRag by having our college-attending Winds members/alumni to write about their campus. If you are attending a college or used to attend one, and would like to write a little about it, please send us your comments and we will post them.

Enough said, now who wants to do the next college? Send us a small write up: what you like, what you don't like, and try to add a little info on the music program if you can. Thanks!

Past featured colleges:

Orange Coast College
Fullerton Community College


Are YOU ready for the parades this year?

Find them on the Schedule of Events.

What will you need?

*Shoes (polished)
*Gloves (cleaned & bleached)
*White shirt with sleeves
*White shorts
*White socks
*Money for lunch
*Smiles and pride!

What will we play?

*Purple Pageant,
*Sempre Fidelis,
*Beer Barrel Polka,
*Alexander's Ragtime Band,
*When the Saints Go Marching In,
*Tiger Rag,
any other music from your memory packet.

Can I bring my family?

YES! We encourage parents to come and see their children in action and cheer them on. Plus, we often need extra vehicles for when our buses become over-crowded.

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