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There are many people in the Winds with talents that extend beyond music and showmanship. Here is a taste of some of these people's artwork and writing.

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Thank you Curly for making this simple poem come to life in a powerful way! -Robyn


Much of the art you see on these pages was created by the multi-talented Curly. For a full display of graphics free for your use, please see Curly's Animation Page.SAW button

The following are some nifty 3D treatments for the name of our band. These were created by Matt M..
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3D "Swoosh" #1
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3D "Swoosh" #2
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Don't Rain on my Parade
by Robyn Guest
(written 1999 amidst El Nino's fury)

Our tall flags have slooped with their heaviness,
Our clarinets have warped through Winter's cold rain,
Our uniforms covers have drip-dried on buses,
Our gloves have been wrung out again and again.

Now we await the fresh Spring breezes
That blow gently on a warm, clear day.
Well, any clear day would do right now.
Oh weatherman, don't say rain on Saturday!

It is not easy for us to continue marching
To the rolling cadence of distant thunder peals
While the endless rhythm of Winter's raindrops
Tap gently on our snare drums and tuba bells.

We have always loved to make a splash,
But through showmanship, not puddles of murky water.
It's not that we mind the cool weather rain brings,
But these slick hills make us march even harder.

So alongside the ritual of snatching up uniforms
And discovering where our shako has been laid,
We glance up at the gray sky and beg silently,
"Please, don't rain on my parade!!!"

by Shawn (Heroux) Glahn
(written around 1981-82)

Quarter to seven
the Annex is full of sound
laughter in the corner
instruments on the ground

A whistle is the ignal
everyone hears it
but "gotta finish this joke,
just one more minute..."

Two hand claps
"uh, oh, gotta go!"
fifth seat
in the third row

Music's out
flags against the wall
"Where's 'so-and-so'?"
it's not quiet at all

"Percussion, get in your own section!"
Mr. Ward loudly said
a couple of announcements
"Okay, let's get started."

"Break is at 8:20"
(everyone knows)
"auxillary outside;
let's get this show on the road!"

The flags and rifles
are outside on the grass
while out drift the sounds
of the woodwinds and brass

Working hard
that's why they all came
got to uphold
the band's good name

Some goof off
but they work too
Tim teaches the rifles
a routine that's new

The percussion glitters
in the setting sun
across the street
Dave drills them

Eight count front spins
to warm up the flags
"Practice at home!"
their instructor 'nags'

Break rolls around
more excitement and noise
"Hey, did you meet those
cute, new boys?"

The chairs are put away
the music's in it's place
everybody's talking
Instruments in their case

A line in the lobby
to pay their dues
a circle on the stage
to catch the news

When break is over
outside they go
gotta practice maching
"Remember, we've got a show!"

Down in the parking lot
lined up and ready to go
"Is the Board in session?"
Dan runs to see, "No!"

They march out, up and back
"Straighten up that line!"
it seems like forever
till half past nine

Quads play the cadence
as they all march to their seats
but no one sits
and no one cheats

They're waiting for the signal
and are finally relieved
but a few more reminders
before they leave

They all stay seated
as they carefully (?) listen
"Don't giggle or fidget."
to move is a sin

The reminders are over
noise fills the room again
they work so hard
to be called the Santa Ana Winds

If you have poetry inspired by the Winds, or artwork (including digital), please email SAWwith your writing or send the picture as an email attachment.

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