Santa Ana Winds



There are now several videos of the band that have been uploaded to the video sharing site We will be collecting embedded versions of these on this page, so people won't have to search all over YouTube to find them.

If you have video of the band, by all means, post it to YouTube, and send us the link to it, we will embed it. This is the best means to share videos of the band, since we won't have to use up the limited space on our website to host the video content. YouTube has a video limit of 10 minutes and 100MB per clip, which should be enough for single clips of songs, but not a whole concert, though you can divide it up into separate clips for each song.

Be sure to label the video with as much info as you can, including song, location, event, date, etc. Note that we will only share video clips of the Santa Ana Winds band itself, please don't send us links to unrelated videos.

To watch YouTube content, it is recommended to have a broadband internet connection and the latest Adobe Flash player plugin for your browser. If you do not have the Adobe Flash player plugin you can download it here. It is also recommended to have the latest version of your browser, Mozilla Firefox 2, or MS Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

If you have trouble seeing the videos below, make sure to allow for scripts for and

Recruiting Video

Recruiting Video created by co-director Abel.

2006-2007 Season

Summer Concert, August 19th, 2007, Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse lawn

Uploaded by webmaster, YouTube name "linuxknight".

Beer Barrel Polka (part 1)

Beer Barrel Polka (part 2)

God Bless America, with vocal accompaniment by Sammy

Good Old USA, section America The Beautiful

Semper Fidelis

Stars and Stripes Forever

Percussion Solo

2006-2007 Parades

Uploaded by YouTube users, primarily: "marchingfan", "gonzofoto".

2007 Los Angeles Chinese New Year Parade, February

2007 Hawaiian Gardens Parade, March 31st

2007 Santa Fe Springs Parade, May 12th

2007 Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Parade, May 26th

2007 El Sereno Parade, 4th of July

2007 Huntington Beach Parade, 4th of July

2007 Maywood Parade, 4th of July

2004 Parades

2004 Hollywood Christmas parade, November

1990 Parades

1990 Huntington Beach Parade, 4th of July

1990 Times Orange County Christmas Parade, Santa Ana, December

1989 Parades

1989 Times Orange County Christmas Parade, Santa Ana, December


Non-embedded Videos

The following are videos that for whatever reason, the user chose not to enable embedding in other websites. So you can just click the link to watch the video on YouTube directly.

2005 Hollywood Christmas parade, uploaded by YouTube user "quintmaster"